Checking Email Statistics

This tutorial will show you how to check email stats for sent and scheduled emails. This will allow you to view the status of emails to see if they were successfully sent, if they are pending, or if perhaps there was an error (and to see what the error was).

  • Navigate to the Email section. By default you’ll be on the “All emails” tab.
  • Toggle to the “Scheduled” or “Sent” tab.
  • Click into the hyperlink for the name of the email you wish to check the stats for.

  • You’ll be redirected to the Bulk Actions page, where you can toggle between “Scheduled” and “Completed”, depending on how you scheduled your email deliverability.
    • You may also manually access the Bulk Actions page by navigating to Contacts > Contact Requests > Bulk Actions.

NOTE: If you sent your email immediately, it should appear under “Completed”, if you scheduled it for a future delivery date/time, it should appear under “Scheduled.

  • On the “Scheduled” or “Completed” page, you’ll see columns for Queued, Success, and Error. You can click any numbers that appear under those columns as hyperlinks, or the “Show Stats” button to view stats.
  • When you click into a number under the columns “Queued”, “Success”, and “Error” a popup window will appear, showing you detailed information on the statuses, date/time, and contact information for who the action ran.

How To Check Errors:  You may want to see what type of error occurred and why the email didn’t send.  To check the Error status, follow the steps below.

  • Click into the “Error” number, such as the “2” shown in the screenshot below.

  • In the popup that appears, you’ll see which contact record(s) contained an error. You’ll also see a description of the error that occurred.